IT Confex
26-27 April, 2019

Sandton Convention Centre

Unifying the ummah through commerce

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The event will be taking place at the 5,050m2 Exhibition 2 venue at the Sandton Convention Centre, which is not only ideally suited to exhibitions and trade shows but can also be easily adapted and utilised for a variety of large scale contemporary functions. The space offers adaptability and a high-level of amenities that lends itself to practically any venue requirement.

Sandton Convention Centre


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About the confex

Trade and commerce have always been a dominant facet in Islam. Prior to the advent of Islam Makkah was the central hub of trade and commercial activities. Not only did the early Muslims engage in trade but they travelled far and wide in order to conduct business activities. More often than not, it was through the forum of trade and commerce that Islam spread within distant lands.

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) was himself a businessman prior to receiving prophethood. In line with this, Islam has prescribed laws and rules pertaining to business.

As such, it is essential that we as Muslims, ensure that we are well-informed of developments and opportunities that are taking place within the sphere of Islamic trade and commerce. This will create the prospect of us realizing the true potential of the Ummah. This can be made possible through the creation of local and global platforms by and for Muslims that will enable us to thrive. iTC proposes to be one such platform.

Islamic Trade Confex
Lions Lair

What does the confex consist of?

The Trade Confex aims to bring together diverse and varying sectors thereby allowing for dynamic networking opportunities as well as to create awareness and education for both the public & individuals with regards to Islamic trade and commerce. In order to achieve this, Confex proposes to be based on these five core elements:

  • Spark Sessions
  • Funding through the Lions Lair
  • Exhibition Area
  • Business networking area and Business matching
  • Launching the Muslim Lifestyle App

Why a Confex?

The Muslim tradesmen ever since their pioneering fathers were drawn to the promise of enterprise in a new land, have been instinctive tradesmen. Today we call it relocation due to overtrading.

The establishment of a community of innovative traders that over the decades have positioned themselves into captains of various industries. Today the diaspora has galvanized itself into almost every industry (with the exception of those trades forbidden by Islamic law), propagating a spirit of fairness and inclusion amongst all racial and cultural divides.

The intention is to bring together moguls in their various fields in the spirit of networking and promoting new business ideas and start-ups. We have compiled a wide variety of service providers that are at the forefront of their diverse fields under one umbrella to innovate, communicate and link through entrepreneurship programs.

Trade Confex

The Five Elements of Trade Confex


The Spark Sessions are inspired by the concept of Ted Talks. Short and impactful discussions that result in effective and dynamic networking.
The sessions will be led by industry experts who will present a variety of topics relating to trade and commerce. The purpose of these discussions will be to provide insight and spark the conversation between aspiring business leaders and partners.


The Lion’s Lair will provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to present their ideas or businesses to an engaging panel of established businesspersons. This platform will allow the budding entrepreneurs a chance to gain funding and help grow their businesses.Funding from R50 000 to R5 million


Confex 2019 will host a sizeable exhibition area that will give attendees the opportunity to interact with more than 120 exhibitors from varying industries. This exhibition will demonstrate the diverse industries the Muslim community is currently involved in. Click the link below to secure your space at Confex 2019


The business networking area will allow for entrepreneurs to connect and cultivate potential business opportunities. This area will provide a space for business pairing through impromptu meetings with the hopes of future collaborations.


Confex 2019 marks the beginning of a new era, the launch of the Muslim Lifestyle App. The Muslim Lifestyle App will bring the Muslim community together through technology and innovation

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Unifying through commerce

Lions Lair ConceptLions Lair comprises of a panel of established business people who will evaluate upstarts/home industries in order to provide them with funding for their enterprises. These upstarts/home industries will be required to present their ideas/businesses in front of the panel who will then decide whether they will provide funding

Unifying through commerce

TED Talks conceptTED talks is based on the existing TED talks. This will provide the foundation for the education/knowledge sector of the convex. There will be a number of experts who will present different topics relating to trade and commerce during these seminars. Topics will encompass areas such as Islamic hiancing/investing, Shariah law/ethics/policy relating to trade and commerce and so forth

Unifying through commerce

Business Networking Area/Business MatchingThere will be a designated area that will be provided that will allow for individuals to network with each other. The concept behind business matching is to provide a space for impromptu “business meetings” which will allow individuals/businesses/companies to meet others who they can work with/collaborate with or even just share ideas and inspiration.

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Here's the plan

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Event Day 1

April 26, 2019 @ 09:45 - 19:30

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Welcome Opening Dua

Spark Session

Panel Discussion

Jummah Break

Keynote Address

Panel Discussion

Lions Lair

Break for Asr and Maghrib

Lions Lair


Event Day 2

April 27, 2019 @ 8am - 6pm

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Keynote Address

Panel Discussion

Spark Session

Zohr and Lunch

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Lions Lair

Break for Asr and Magrib

Lions Lair


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Muslim Lifestyle Directory is a handy resource for the Muslim community. The purpose of the directory is to empower the muslim community and promote trade between Muslims. It also serves as a platform for the home industry to promote their products and businesses. Stay up to date with the latest events around you.

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